Beach Days Beach Daze

Every where we've gone, we've been close to the ocean.  For the longest time I thought the lyrics to this one song were "The sea is my church", and then I found out how wrong I was.  I still love that idea though.  That a place could bring you so much calm.  I'm sure there are other wonderful benefits of taking yourself to the ocean.  We've been going a lot lately and I expect we'll go a lot more in Japan.  

Our favorite place to hang out lately is Mickler's Beach.  We also love going out to Amelia Island but it's a bit of a drive if we want to head to the beach spur of the moment.  Every time we've gone to Mickler's we've seen the most beautiful sea shells and look!  We even find shark teeth there.  I actually like looking around and seeing people taking their time watching the beach, combing through broken sea shells, and paying close attention in hopes of finding a shark tooth.  

Our next beach trip will be to check out the Guana Tolomato Matanzas in hopes for more shark teeth and other great discoveries.  If you're close to Mickler's though, stop in and look around.  It's so great!  


Spring Break in Rhode Island

A few weeks ago I took the babes up to Newport Rhode Island.  Kyle has been there for work and while he was busy, we did a lot of sightseeing.  I even got to take them back to Brenton Point State Park where Kyle and I were married.  

On one of our days we enjoyed the beautiful Cliff Walk and Em actually used her legs for more than five steps.  She can be stubborn sometimes but on this day she was all for walking and getting fresh air.  Tulips were started to pop out of the ground and I wished we got there a little later to see them in bloom.  After our walk Stella insisted we spend time exploring Easton Beach.  While walking by we saw a man with two large buckets full of the largest clams we've ever seen.  Thankfully, he left some on the beach for us to find.  They were almost as big as Emi's head! 

That evening I had this great idea that around dinner time we would take food out to the Castle Hill Lighthouse and watch the sun set.  It was FREEZING!  Although I felt defeated as far as getting a great lighthouse and sunset photo, I loved the golden light on the babes' faces.    


Another one of our days was spent in Providence where we checked out the Providence Children's Museum.  For such a small space, they packed in so much.  It's a great Children's museum where kids can get a lot done.  Although we only stayed for two hours, I think we could have easily stayed the entire day there. 

The next morning we took it easy.  After lunch we picked up some sweet treats and then drove around until we found this beautiful quiet cove where we could explore.  Clear skies, macarons, and the babes.  It was perfect!  I still had the lighthouse on my mind and want to revisit it, especially on this beautiful day.  The girls were all for it and I'm so thankful for my little team players!  

Our final day in Newport was our busiest.  We finally got Kyle for a whole day and tried to cram in as much as possible before we came back to Jacksonville.  We took a scheduled tour of Fort Adams.  My favorite part about touring this fort was documenting the natural wear and tear of it.

After touring the fort we grabbed a bite to eat at my favorite find, Cru Café.  We ate there a few times during our stay and loved it every time.  I ordered the Newport Eggs from their weekend brunch menu.  Poached eggs served over Maine crab cakes, old bay hollandaise, toasted morningstar bakery Portuguese bolo roll, and potato bacon hash.  In other words, DELICIOUS!  Kyle ordered the Croque Madame, another delicious option.  

We also took a tour of the Breakers to see how the wealthy lived.  There is so much detail put into every inch of that mansion.  I think about all the effort that goes into decorating a place like that and I am thankful that I prefer less cluttered and busy spaces.  Still, I could appreciate some of these intricate components.  

Back to where we married.  Our final event of the day was going back to Brenton Point.  Even on gloomy days there is still beauty to be found and I'm glad we wrapped up our visit with Kyle there.  So yeah, if you're ever in Newport Rhode Island there is no shortage of things to see and do.  I'm sure during the summer months it is even more beautiful.  

In-Introducing Introducing LADIES & GENTLEMEN

HELLO OUT THERE!  As I type that I imagine the scene in movies where someone yells really loud and the screen cuts to a view of a satellite orbiting the Earth.  Followed by crickets chirping.  

I used to LOVE blogging, before it was called that.  Does anyone remember LiveJournal?  Even better, does anyone remember OPEN DIARY?!  Did I just age myself?... 

So this is it.  I'm Gloria and I love photographing places I go, people I see, and things I eat.  I am also a wife and mother of two awesome babes.  I created this hoping that if you ever visited these same locations and thought, "Hmmm...I wonder what there is to do here?", that this blog will help you.